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Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334

Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334

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    folder excavator oil filter


    hra11020f4a3 excavator oil filter


    b7334 oil filter element

  • Product Name
    Folder Oil Filter Element;Spin On Oil Filter Element
  • Shell Material
    High -temperature Spray Carbon Steel
  • Core Filter Material
    Cellulose; Glass Fiber
  • Appliion
    Excavator; Construction Machinery; Mining Machinery; Air Compressor; Generator; Industrial Machinery
  • Size(mm)
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 piece
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1000 piece day

Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334

Oil Filter Element Universal Part Number :



Product Information

Product Name

Folder oil filter element;Spin on oil filter element

Shell Material

High -temperature spray carbon steel

Core Filter Material

High -quality cellulose; glass fiber; stainless steel net


Excavator; construction machinery; mining machinery;
air compressor;generator; industrial machinery;Excavator;
construction machinery;
mining machinery; air compressor; generator; industrial machinery

Applicable models


Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334 0
The material of the sealing ring is excellent, which can completely seal the engine compartment, the filter will not become loose during operation, and the performance is reliable under extremely low and extremely high temperatures.
The thread is matched accurately, smooth and without burrs, reverse chamfering, preventing burrs from entering the body, and convenient for loading and unloading.
The metal end cap has a good surface coating to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.
The spiral center tube is used to greatly enhance the support strength of the filter element while meeting the product circulation area.
The high-precision coated filter material has a large dust holding capacity, which can effectively prevent wear and meet the new requirements of the new engine for the filter material.
The shell is made of high-quality steel, heavy, high compressive strength, good impulse resistance, and the inner wall is clean and free of impurities; the surface is fully automated powder spraying, uniform and smooth, to achieve maximum protection.
Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334 1
The oil filter element is the oil filter. The function of the oil filter is to filter the debris, glue and water in the oil, and transport the clean motor oil to the lubriion parts.
In order to reduce the friction resistance between the relatives of the motor parts in the engine and reduce the wear of the parts, the oil is continuously transported to the friction surface of the motion machine parts to form a lubricant film and lubrie. The oil itself contains a certain amount of glue, impurities, moisture and additives. At the same time, in the process of engine work, the brought in metal abrasive, the entry of debris in the air, and the generation of oil oxides, which gradually increased the debris in the oil. If the oil is not filtered and directly enter the lubricant, the debris contained in the engine oil will be brought into the surface of the motion sub -friction surface to accelerate the wear of the parts and reduce the service life of the engine.
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We are based in Hebei, China, start from 2012,sell to Domestic Market(40.00%),Africa(20.00%),North America(10.00%),Eastern Europe(10.00%),South America(8.00%),Southeast Asia(7.00%),Eastern Asia(3.00%),Western Europe(2.00%). There are total about 25 people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

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Filter element,Hydraulic filter,Dust removal equipment,Dust filter,Dust filter cartridge

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Our company produces various filter elements, filter cartridges and filters for machinery, ships, steel plants, power plants, compressors, air compressors, dust treatment, etc., and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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We have a complete range of products and can provide you with the filters you need, and can be customized according to your requirements.
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Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334 3Folder Excavator Oil Filter Hra11020f4a3 Lf16034 B7334 4
Appliion field
1. In the machine tool industry, 85%of the machine tool transmission system uses hydraulic transmission and control. Such as grinding machines, milling machines, planes, pulled beds, pressure machines, cutting beds, and combined machine tools.

2. In the metallurgical industry, the control system of the electric furnace control system, the control system of the steel rolling machine, the flat furnace installation, the turntable control, the blast furnace control, the band bias and the constant tension device all use hydraulic technology.
3. In engineering machinery, hydraulic transmission is generally used, such as excavators, tire loaders, car cranes, crawler bulldozers, tires, and self -propelled tires, flat -ground machines and vibration rollers.
4. In agricultural machinery, hydraulic technology is also widely used, such as joint harvesters, tractors and plows.
5. In the automotive industry, hydraulic off -road vehicles, hydraulic downturn cars, hydraulic high -altitude operating vehicles and fire trucks all use hydraulic technology.
6. In the light textile industry, hydraulic technology uses plastic injection molding machines, rubber sulfids, papermaking machines, printing machines and textile machines.
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