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Excavator Oil Filter

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Excavator Oil Filter

  • Importance Of Oil Filter

    Importance Of Oil Filter

    It is important to clean the engine oil because if the engine oil is not filtered for a period of time, it may be full of fine, hard particles, which will wear down the surface of the engine. This dirty oil will wear the machined parts of the oil pump and damage the bearing surface of the engine. The oil filter helps remove pollutants in the car engine oil, which will accumulate over time, because the oil can keep the engine clean.

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  • Working Principle Of The Oil Filter

    Working Principle Of The Oil Filter

    The outside of the filter is a metal can with a sealing gasket, which can make it close to the mating surface of the engine. The bottom plate of the jar fixes the gasket and punches holes around the inner area of the gasket. The center hole is threaded to mate with the oil filter assembly on the engine block. Inside the water tank is the filter material, most commonly made of synthetic fibers. The oil pump of the engine delivers the oil directly to the filter and enters the filter through the holes on the periphery of the bottom plate. Dirty oil passes (pushed under pressure) through the filter medium and returns through the center hole, where it re-enters the engine.

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  • Choose The Right Oil Filter

    Choose The Right Oil Filter

    Choosing the right oil filter for your vehicle is crucial. Most oil filters look very similar, but small differences in thread or gasket size can determine whether a particular filter is suitable for your vehicle. The best way to determine which oil filter you need is to consult the user manual or refer to the parts alog. Using the wrong filter may cause oil leakage from the engine, or an improper filter may fall off. Either of these two conditions can cause serious engine damage.

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High pollutant retention | Pressure and temperature resistance | Precision machining | Precision fit | easy assembly | Impact resistance

Modern internal combustion engines have to do more and more-so keep good lubrication at all times. Depending on the application, hundreds of liters of oil are pumped into the motor circuit every minute to reduce the friction of moving parts and prevent premature wear of the piston and connecting rod bearings. This process depends not only on the quality of the lubricating oil, but also on the performance of the oil filter. Even under the most demanding conditions, our filter elements can ensure the best filtration, maximum flow and service life.

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