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Heavy Equipment Filters

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Heavy Equipment Filters

  • What Is A Suction Filter

    What Is A Suction Filter

    The suction filter is a protective filter in the suction line. They are used to directly protect the pump from abrasion and lateral tanks installed below the oil level to protect downstream hydraulic pumps from serious pollution mainly due to lack of initial cleaning or accidental entry. Replacement cartridge filter with pleated design element, with optimized pleated density and various filter media.

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  • Different Filters

    Different Filters

    The suction filter and filter protect the pump from contamination while also providing additional flow diffusion in the suction line. They can be equipped with a magnetic column to trap ferrous particles smaller than the folded wire mesh, with or without a bypass valve. Available versions: -Suction filter (STR, MPA, MPM), a simple filter element, screwed on the straw. -The storage tank wall-mounted suction filter (SF2) contains an anti-drain shut-off valve that allows the filter element to be replaced without emptying the storage tank.

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  • Features Of Suction Filter

    Features Of Suction Filter

    The suction filter protects the hydraulic pump from gross pollution due to lack of initial cleaning or accidental entry, and is installed in the oil tank or on the suction line before the pump. They usually have filter elements made of steel mesh (geometric filtration) and must be of appropriate size to avoid any possible pump cavitation.

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Inlet elements/filters are widely used because they are cost-effective and are installed in the reservoir, thereby reducing the need for any external work. They are usually made of 125 micron wire mesh media to remove large particles that may enter the water tank and protect the pump.
Inhalation filters stand for "first-line" filtration and are used for:
1. Avoid contaminants from entering the hydraulic circuit
2. Extend the service life of finer downstream filtration
3. Reduce the particle load on the fine filter, thereby extending the service life interval, unplanned downtime and maintenance
4. Avoid coarse particles (such as rust) from damaging the downstream finer filters.

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