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Excavator Air Filter

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Excavator Air Filter

  • Industrial Air Filter Product Description

    Industrial Air Filter Product Description

    It is mainly used to purify air-conditioning system and the end filtration of local purifiion equipment to filter the particulate dust ≥0.1~0.5μm in the atmosphere. Its filtration efficiency is ≥99.99%, 99.999%@≥0.5μm, 99.999%@≥0.1μm (sodium flame method) and above efficiency or European standard H13, H14, U15 and above efficiency. The outer frame is: sandwich wood, galvanized sheet, aluminum profile, stainless steel plate; filter material: glass fiber material. With this structure, the filter material is made into multiple pleats to form a ventilation air channel, which increases the area of the filter material and the air supply volume, and reduces the resistance of the air supply; it has a compact structure, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, and wind speed. Good uniformity, strong versatility, easy installation and other advantages.

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  • Excavator replace the air filter Notes

    Excavator replace the air filter Notes

    The maintenance of the excavator is not in place, which directly affects the service life of the machine. The air filter element is like a checkpoint for the air to enter the engine of the excavator. It will filter out impurities and particles. Before maintaining the air filter element, one thing to pay attention to must first turn off the engine and ensure that the safety control lever belongs to In the locked position, if the engine is replaced and cleaned during operation, dust will enter the engine.

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Air filters are widely used in our real life. Whether in small families or factories and enterprises, they have very good applications. The role of industrial air filters is to filter out harmful dust and gases through filtering devices. Below we I will mainly introduce the relevant content of industrial air filters.

Industrial air purifier refers to the air purification equipment that can effectively remove dust in the factory floor, remove the odor and odor from the factory floor, and at the same time can sterilize, remove odor, remove odor, and remove dust. Commonly used are a variety of air purification products such as ink workshop deodorizers, factory odor removers, printing workshop deodorizing air purifiers, and workshop deodorizing air purifiers. The main feature of industrial air purifiers is purification equipment specifically for industrial environments such as factories, workshops and other places. The air volume is generally required to be 10 times the air volume of civil air purifiers, and civil air purifiers are generally small and cannot be applied in large areas. Used in industrial sites.

At the same time, industrial air purifiers require relatively advanced technology, which can remove dust and odors in the factory and workshops. Shanghai Anjule industrial air purifiers fully integrate various international and domestic advanced technologies for exhaust gas treatment, completely changing the simplicity of industrial air purifiers in the past. The use of relatively simple waste gas treatment methods such as activated carbon is highly targeted and is currently the leading industrial air purification product.

The structure of the air filter The compressed air flowing in from the inlet is introduced into the baffle. The baffle has evenly distributed helical teeth similar to fan blades, forcing the high-speed flowing compressed air to produce a strong rotation along the tangent direction of the teeth. The liquid water, oil and larger impurities mixed in the air are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force, thrown on the inner wall of the water cup, and flow to the bottom of the water cup. The compressed air, which removes liquid water, oil and larger impurities, is further filtered by the filter element to remove tiny solid particles, and then clean compressed air is output from the outlet.

Industrial production pays great attention to the requirements of filtration. Both air and media need to be filtered and pretreated. Compared with civil applications, industrial air filters have much larger equipment and a much larger air volume, and are characterized by being able to effectively remove dust. The impact of peculiar smell on industrial production.

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