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Fuel Water Separator Filter

Remove the water from the fuel before the system reaches the fuel pump and injector to prevent the fuel injection system from malfunctioning.

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Fuel Water Separator Filter

  • The Hazards Of Fuel Mixed With Water

    The Hazards Of Fuel Mixed With Water

    The water in the fuel is one of the most destructive elements in any fuel system. High water content can cause power loss, filter clogging, corrosion of fuel system components, increased fuel consumption, and severe wear of fuel injectors. This is especially true in high-pressure fuel systems used to meet new stringent emission requirements.

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  • Appliion Of Fuel Water Separator Filter

    Appliion Of Fuel Water Separator Filter

    The oil-water separator can remove large particles, almost all free water and 90% emulsified water, providing the best protection for your critical fuel system. Oil-water separators provide effective protection for engines used in automotive, industrial, marine and entertainment appliions.

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  • The Role Of Fuel Water Separator Filter

    The Role Of Fuel Water Separator Filter

    The system removes water from the fuel before reaching the fuel pump and injector. This can prevent the main cause of fuel injection system failure. DAHL fuel filter/water separator can prevent the pump and injector from being overhauled due to fuel water pollution, thereby prolonging the life of the system.

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Many existing fuel filters are not designed to remove large amounts of water. They are designed to complete the work in one step. This means that they must be porous enough to allow sufficient flow, which limits the filtering capacity. Any tighter media will cause frequent replacement of components. The mechanical flow resistance of the oil-water separator filter is smaller than other separators because the fuel only changes direction twice.


Features of Fuel Water Separator Filter:
1. Suitable for diesel, gasoline and pre-mixed fuel systems
2. Helps to remove water, moisture and solid pollutants
3. Protect injectors, rails, pumps and other components (depending on placement)
4.10 micron filter to increase filtration

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