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Stainless Steel Filter Element

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Stainless Steel Filter Element

  • Use Of Return Filter

    Use Of Return Filter

    The return oil filter made of aluminum, plastic or steel used for pipeline installation or tank installation is usually the only protection device of the hydraulic system. They are suitable for working pressures up to 25 bar and are placed as the last element in the working filter and hydraulic circuit directly upstream or downstream of the hydraulic tank. There, they clean all returned hydraulic oil before returning it to the tank. In-line filters are used in the low pressure range and can achieve high nominal flow rates.

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  • Return Filter Workflow

    Return Filter Workflow

    The oil return filter performs the task of filtering fluid and preventing particles from entering the system from the outside or entering the system due to internal wear of the components. These filters are usually fully or semi-immersed installed on the reservoir. The loion of the filter ensures that under all operating conditions reflux is carried out under submerged conditions, thereby preventing foam and turbulence in the tank, which can lead to aeration and cavitation in the pump. For convenience, the filter bowl and filter element can be removed from the housing for maintenance without disconnecting the filter from the rest of the system.

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  • Filter System Protection

    Filter System Protection

    The oil return filter is an important part of any hydraulic system. In many cases, it is the only "system protection" provided, so it must be carefully selected to ensure maximum system efficiency, and its size should be determined according to the maximum flow rate of the hydraulic system. The oil return filter plays a vital role in your system to ensure that the fluid is not affected by solid contaminants, which are produced by the degradation of system components, enter the fuel tank and eventually return to the system through the suction line.

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The return oil filter can effectively remove the pollution introduced due to the complete failure of the components or the maintenance of the system pipes or flexible pipes, so as to ensure that the clean fluid returns to your fuel tank, and further extend the service life of your system and fluid. The return filter can withstand larger The flow rate changes without damage or component breakdown. This allows for higher system efficiency and lower costs. To avoid "bubbles" in the liquid storage tank, the return pipe must be located below the liquid level of the liquid storage tank. As a general "rule of thumb", the distance between the bottom of the storage tank and the end of the oil return pipe should be greater than 2 to 3 times the pipe diameter.

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