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Coalescing Filter

Coalescing filters are used in compressed air systems to remove oil droplets and fine particles as small as 0.01 microns, and are an important part of air preparation.

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Coalescing Filter

  • What Is Coalescing Filter

    What Is Coalescing Filter

    Coalescence filtration is the process of separating two phases of substances in a fluid stream using coalescing filters. For example, you can separate water droplets and aerosols from the gas through a coalescing filtration process. With coalescing filters, you can let gas with liquid contaminants pass through. As it passes through the element, there are many filter media capable of capturing liquid aerosols and droplets. This will allow dry and clean compressed gas to exit the coalescing filter through the outlet.

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  • Gas Oil-water Separation System

    Gas Oil-water Separation System

    The use of coalescing filters for gas phase separation can remove oil mist or moisture from contaminated air streams. The filter should always flow from the inside of the filter element to the outside of the filter element. This allows oil droplets and water droplets to collect on the fibers of the filter element and meet at the intersection and become larger and larger oil droplets as they move down and out to the bottom of the filter element (coalescence process). Large liquid droplets fall from the bottom of the filter element into the water collection area of the filter housing, and finally enter the automatic float drain pipe, and the liquid is discharged from the system.

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  • Why Use Coalescing Filters

    Why Use Coalescing Filters

    Since air can be hot, humid, and dirty, air preparation is a crucial process, and the air used in the compressed pipeline should flow through a filtration, conditioning, or lubriion process. Coalescing filters are used in compressed air systems to remove oil droplets and fine particles as small as 0.01 microns. Since unwanted oil will stick to moving parts and reduce the speed of the cylinder, coalescing filters are an important part of air preparation. In combination with a universal filter that sucks out water and larger particles, the coalescing filter discharges oil droplets into a bowl.

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Coalescing filters perform best when they are at the highest pressure and lowest temperature in the compressed air system. It is best to place the coalescing filter in the correct position to ensure that no additional liquid condensation occurs.

1. You can customize your own merge filter or upgrade existing filters in other ways.
2. It can be used in different fluid filtration processes.
3. A very wide surface area will result in lower pressure drop, thereby increasing efficiency
4. It has various micron grades, which can produce an efficiency level of about 99.98% or 99.0%
5. It ensures that the maximum amount of liquid and solid particles are eliminated from the air or gas processing stream.
6. It has an efficient filtering system, and its service life is longer than usual, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


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