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Stainless Steel Engine Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Industrial

Stainless Steel Engine Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Industrial

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    Stainless Steel Oil Filter Element


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Stainless Steel Engine Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Industrial

Stainless steel engine hydraulic oil filter cartridge element industrial filter element

 Product Information

 Material  copper powder, titanium powder, Stainless steel Powder
 Scope of   appliion

 Petrochemical and oilfield pipeline filtration;
 Fuel filtration for refueling equipment, engineering machinery and   equipment;
 Equipment filtration in water treatment industry;Pharmaceutical and food   processing fields

 Structure &   Size​  tubular, plate, sheet, rod, disc, ring, the cone and plate and strip is   available.
 Filtration   rating​  0.5-100μm accuracy

The stainless steel filter element has good filtering performance, and can play a role in 100 pairs of 2-200um filtering granularity. The stainless steel filter element has uniform surface filtration performance. The main filter material is multi-layer stainless steel sintered screen, with filtration accuracy of 0.5-200um, and its overall dimensions can be processed according to user requirements.
It has various porosity (28% - 50%), pore diameter (4u - 160u) and filtering accuracy (0.2um - 100um), crisscross longitudinal channels, high temperature resistance and rapid cooling and heating resistance. Corrosion resistance It is applicable to various corrosive media such as acids and alkalis. The melt blown filter element can resist the corrosion of ordinary acids, alkalis and organic substances, and is especially suitable for filtering sulfur containing gases. It has high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high-pressure environments. It can be welded, convenient for loading and unloading. The hole shape is stable, and the distribution is uniform, ensuring stable filtering performance and good regeneration performance. After repeated cleaning and regeneration, the filtering performance recovers more than 90%.Stainless Steel Engine Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Industrial 0


Stainless steel filter element (including tubular filter element and plate filter element) is a micro filter element made of powder, fiber, wire mesh, etc. as main raw materials, after composite molding, and sintered at high temperature and high vacuum. The Beicheng stainless steel filter element is characterized by uniform pore diameter, stable pore shape, high separation efficiency, high porosity, small filter resistance, high penetration efficiency, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, good mechanical performance, low pressure difference, large flow, strong anti microbial ability, no interaction with microorganisms, online regeneration, easy cleaning, long service life, good molding process, etc. It can be widely used in solid and liquid Solid gas separation, filtration and purifiion. The Beicheng stainless steel filter element has excellent service performance, can be filtered by suction and pressure, does not form secondary pollution, meets the requirements of food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP, is simple to operate, can be regenerated online, is easy to clean, and has a long service life.
Company Profile

Kainuosen Environmental Technoiogy (Langfang) Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1995,The production base is loed in the North China Industrial Zone.We are loed in the economic coverage areas of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, close to sea ports such as Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Weihai Port, and Qinhuangdao Port.It is only 15 kilometers away from Beijing Daxing International Airport, with superior geographical loion and convenient transportation.
Our company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, maintenance, sales and after-sales service. It is based in China and serves the world.
Our company produces all kinds of filter elements, cartridges and filters used in machinery, automobiles, ships, steel mills, power plants, mines, pumps, compressors, air compressors, dust treatment, water treatment, etc.
Products include air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic oil filters, oil and gas separation filters, oil-water separation filters, coalescing separation filters, industrial air filters, dust filters, stainless steel filters, vacuum pump filters , Oil filter, concrete mixing plant large pulse dust filter, dust filter cartridge and other types, thousands of different specifiions series of filters, instead of brand filters, and can be customized according to customer requirements, support OME processing and production.
Focus on creating a filter brand and commit to the future of clean industry. We have a large number of technical elites, and we represent quality, focus and integrity. We are a supplier of industrial filtration solutions. We are Kainuoson.
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1. Who are we?
We are loed in Hebei, China. We have 20 years of production experience. Since 2015, we have sold to the domestic market (40.00%), Africa (20.00%), North America (10.00%), Eastern Europe (10.00%), South America (8.00%) , Southeast Asia (7.00%), East Asia (3.00%), Western Europe (2.00%). There are about 11-50 people in our office.
2. How do we guarantee the quality?
It is always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always perform a final inspection before shipment;
3. What can you buy from us?
Filter element, hydraulic filter, dust removal equipment, industrial air filter, dust filter cartridge, natural gas filter, oil-water separation filter, oil-gas separation filter, oil filter, fuel filter, etc.
4. Why buy from us instead of other suppliers?
Our company produces various filter elements, filter elements, filters for machinery, ships, steel plants, power plants, compressors, air compressors, dust treatment, etc., and can be customized according to customer requirements. Based in China, service
5. What services can we provide?
We provide after-sales service and technical support, we can customize various types of filters for you, or OME processing.